5 Must Have Time-Saving Apps

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Here at Ask Sunday, we fancy ourselves guardians…protectors of your most precious and valuable resource, your time. That’s why we’re on a quest, dear reader, via this blog, to continuously offer you ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently.

The most obvious way to save time, of course, is through the art of delegation. Figure out the things you hate doing and get them off your plate. Assess which tasks do not need absolutely need to be handled by you, and send those puppies on over to us. We make a sport of finding the cheapest airfare and revel in getting your inbox tidied.

By now, we know that you understand and appreciate the value of delegation, but let’s face it, even the most highly skilled, master delegators among us have some form of a personal to-do list, even that involves simply parking the car! Our aim is to help you sail through those tasks with ease. We want you to get back to doing the things you love with the people you love, because we believe that’s what life is really about.

Building on last month’s time management tips from the world’s most successful CEOs, we’ve been on a month-long downloading quest. We’ve sorted through the dozens of apps that purport to make your life easier and let the winners rise to the top. Below is our list of favorites. These five are non-negotiably staying on our devices for a long time to come.

1. Remember the Milk

Forget that paper to-do list at home? Feeling a little lost? This intuitive, user-friendly interface will ensure that you never forget the milk, that library book, gift for Bob, or your to-do list, ever again! Lifehacker has termed this app “the Swiss Army knife of to-do list management” for a reason. Break out your tasks by day of the week, personal or business, priority level, and due date and sync it right up with your Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, Evernote, and even your Twitter account.

2. WunWun

Imagine an uber, but for retail items, and you’ve got WunWun. Get almost any item you need couriered to you within an hour. Never stand in line at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s again. Instead allow a WunWun “helper” to shopper bring gather up your grocery list and bring it to your door, or picnic, or wherever you may be! It’s only in New York right now, but we feel it’s going to be coming to a city near you very soon.

3. Venmo

With Venmo, you can send money to anyone for free. Going in on a group gift with your co-workers? Owe your roommate money for utilities? Cover your friends and let them pack you back instantly, without added time looking for an ATM or paying extra bank fees.

4. PaperKarma

You know the paper avalanche of junk mail that falls out of your mailbox? That’s what PaperKarma helps you avoid. As you’re wondering how many trees died to bring you this unsolicited piece of mail, simply snap a photo of it, send it to PaperKarma, and they’ll find a way to unsubscribe you and make sure you’re removed from the distribution list.

5. ParkMe

Never again circle endlessly while bickering with your significant other about where to park. Find and reserve the perfect spot at over 2 million destinations with ParkMe. They’ll help you find the closest, cheapest parking nearby and compare rates to get the best deal, even sending you live photos of both on and off-street spots. Based on your location, the ParkMe engine determines the best parking options based on price, proximity, and your preferences.