AskSunday Helps Doctor Bring New Product to Market

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Dr_Kaia Meet Dr. Kaia Willekes. She’s bringing a brand new product to market, and Ask Sunday is helping her make it happen.

At Ask Sunday, we believe you should do what you love. Our members focus their time on their unique income-generating talents. They do the things they’re good at, and delegate the rest.

Our goal is to free up your time so that you can do the things you love, with the people you love.  That’s what life is all about, right?

So, whether it’s getting in touch with the plumber when the shower clogs, or booking you a beach-front hotel that’s within your budget and in the hippest neighborhood, we’ve got your personal life covered. Even though you’re pressed for time, we know you still want to bring those great ideas to fruition–you just need a little bit of friendly assistance getting it all done. Delegating is an art and a practice, and our members excel at it.

We know you can do it all. But, being a one man or woman show has its limits! Ask yourself the following: is doing everything yourself allowing you the time you need to stay devoted to your business’ growth?

Now, in addition to ensuring your household and personal life run smoothly, we’ve ramped up our capacity to assist with business-related tasks. We build websites, design logos, keep email inboxes clean, create lead lists, design e-newsletter campaigns, schedule social media posts, and much more.

Dr. Willekes is employed full time as a physical therapist. She’s also been busy developing a pain relieving gel, a product she plans to launch this year.  

"I tested other VA companies, but ultimately, I went with Ask Sunday because their customer service and responsiveness were superior," Dr. Willekes said.

She now works with Shirish, her dedicated assistant. "One of my favorite aspects of the service is that my VA reaches out to me proactively. Shirish calls me directly to follow up and see if there’s anything he can do for me," Dr. Willekes said.

Together, they’re tackling all the essential steps needed to bring a product to life, from finding manufacturers that make the correct size, shape and color bottle, to nailing down the type of labeling and who’ll provide it. Shirish undertakes the research of manufacturers and provides Dr. Willekes the names of the vendors. He also makes direct contact with them to follow up with specific questions and place orders. Just yesterday, they figured out a shipping partner.

Sheree’s help is comprehensive. This week, Sheree is also helping Dr. Willekes research vegan diet plans. Next up, developing a new website and finding an SEO company.

Dr. Willekes and her new product have a bright future, and we’ll be there to support her every step of the way.

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