Why, When and What to Outsource: A Guide for Small Businesses

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"I’m the only person who can do the work efficiently!”

“I need to personally oversee everything!"

Sound familiar?

We know you can do it all. But, being a one man or woman show has its limits! Ask yourself the following: is doing everything yourself allowing you the time you need to stay devoted to your business’ growth?

One of the biggest threats to scaling and growing your business is getting bogged down with so many repetitive or administrative tasks, that you’re distracted from focusing your time where it matters–on your unique income generating talents.

Outsourcing represents one of the easiest ways for you to free up your time to make room for more strategic tasks. Working with a virtual assistant allows you to delegate activities that are tedious or time consuming, so you can spend more time doing work that inspires you and moves your business moving forward.

If it’s one thing we’ve seen time and again with our small business clients, it’s that letting go, while it may seem anti-intuitive initially, pays off.


Before outsourcing, we recommend that our clients take the time to make important distinctions between strategic and non-strategic business tasks.

  • Define your core. Hold onto operations that define the core mission of your business. Consider outsourcing tasks that are not strategic. Before engaging in a task, ask yourself: is this important to my core business?
  • Define strategic priorities. Free up your time to focus on them. As a business owner, you should focus primarily on critical needs and growth.  
  • Reexamine what you consider to be tasks only you and your employees can do. If not the entire activity, can some parts of this at least be outsourced?

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if a task is too time consuming, and not central to your core business, outsource it!


Our clients have made the strategic decision to outsource non-core tasks, and they’ve invested in a partnership with Ask Sunday. Make no mistake, the best chances for success require that you establish a relationship with your outsourcing vendors.

Our small business clients have streamlined their business by outsourcing to our Dedicated Assistants. This enables them to concentrate on the core areas of their business and in the long run, taking this step has led to much greater efficiency.

We offer task-based, or one-off activity services, but we specialize in project outsourcing. Our dedicated assistants come to understand your business, and your working style and expectations, and can support you through the entire execution of a project on an on-going basis. Refocus on what’s important in your business. Let us help you with:

  • Repetitive tasks such as data entry (uploading blogs, scheduling social media post in tools such as Hootsuite).
  • Specialized tasks that do not require a full time employee, such as bookkeeping.

  • Outbound Calling

  • Market Research

  • Social media management

  • Booking your travel arrangements

  • Pipeline/Lead List Creation

  • Email Correspondence

  • Filling out expense reports and track reimbursements

  • SEO

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