Small Business Case Study: How Martin Gremm shaved dollars off his bottom line

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Client Profile: Financial Services

It has been said that the mark of a successful business owner is the ability to recognize what you do best and outsource the rest. The challenge lies in their character. Let me explain: Most business owners are independent, problem-solving and resourceful. At their core, they’re are true DIY’ers. So, their knee jerk reaction is to just get the work done, at all costs.

We understand that people mistakenly believe that hiring a virtual assistant isn’t financially feasible. Every good business owner knows that in order to scale, you have to delegate cheaply. We offer the lowest prices around for our top-notch virtual assistant services and various packages that meet anyone’s budget. And because we’re so confident we can help you grow your business without hurting your wallet, we’re offering the first 3 hours of virtual assistance on us. No strings attached.

This month we’d like to shine the spotlight one of our valued customers in Houston,Texas:

Meet Martin.

The Situation

Martins wears many hats as the owner of 3 small businesses, with a fourth in the incubator. One of his many responsibilities is the ownership and management of a financial advisory group. The group manages assets for institutions and also provides financial planning and asset management services to individuals.

The Challenge

Martin says, “Of all the work I do, the financial business requires the most time-consuming paperwork. The forms that we have to prepare once a year and send to all of our clients are cumbersome and year after year I spend hours doing it.”

The Outcome

Martin goes on to tell us, “A good friend of mine has a local personal assistant that he raves about, and a friend of his uses AskSunday and has also found it helpful. So, I took the leap. Not only is it affordable, but the outsourcing of this time-consuming task is increasing my bottom line. By taking this well-defined and easy to delegate task off my plate I’m able to pour my energy into the launch of my fourth business. Ask Sunday does a great job of preparing these dreaded forms. They’ve also been helpful with finding information on the internet. Once the search is clearly defined they do a great job of chasing down the information.”


If you find yourself pulled in a million directions and too busy to take the steps needed to help your business grow and reach its full potential, consider letting AskSunday lighten your load. Rather than going to the expense of hiring a full time employee, you can use your virtual assistant for those easy-to-delegate yet time-consuming tasks.

Your virtual assistant can take care of everything from taking care of the dozens of phone calls that must be made each day to handling your data entry needs and doing market research. Visit us at Ask Sunday to learn more about our plans and what type of work you can ask your assistant to do for you.