Touch Hearts with a Personalized e-Card from AskSunday

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This year-end season, AskSunday has come up with a great new offering. For as little as $9, anyone can now get a personalized e-card that can be straightaway shared over social media, sent to friends and family, business contacts, customers, and to all those who matter. This new service is a one-time offering for which the customer gets billed at the time of signup and the plan expires after delivery of the e-card to the customer. The service is also available to existing customers of AskSunday. The plan lets you choose your template from among multiple options, and write your own custom message on to your card as well. But the best part is that you can also share your family photograph, or your own image with AskSunday, and your card will have it blended in. What better way to add a personal touch to your season’s greetings than to feature in your e-card yourself and personalize the message on the card!

And if you thought that was all AskSunday had to offer, well, you’re mistaken! The team at AskSunday has decided to promote many more smiles in the upcoming year, and to extend the festivities of the Year end season by offering a flat 30% first month discount till March of 2019, on full-value plans to those who subscribe to the e-Card service in December this year. What then are you waiting for? Purchase the “E-Card” plan on AskSunday website. All you have to do is to

  1. Signup with AskSunday and choose the “E-Card” Plan for $9
  2. Send us in your reply to our welcome mail stating
    1.  Your preferred e-card template : Choose one from the below list of options,
    2. Your family photograph or any other personal picture you want on the e-card, &
    3. The message you want to display on your e-card
  3. Get your personalized e-card delivered to your mailbox!

Want changes to your personalized e-card? AskSunday allows 1 revision to your card if you want some changes!

Sign up now to delight the recipients of your e-card this season. Here is the link :



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