Virtual Administrative Assistant

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Employ a Virtual Administrative Assistant and Reap the Benefits

Employing a virtual administrative assistant is the perfect way to get an extra member of staff on your team without all the additional costs usually associated with new staff. You will still be getting a real person who is contactable by phone or e-mail and who has dedicated time to getting to know your personal needs and requirements for your project. It’s the ideal way to make your life run more smoothly, and if you use a company such as Ask Sunday you’ll be billed in 5 minute increments and can always see how much time you have remaining in your particular monthly plan.

You Can Get a Virtual Administrative Assistant for Just A Few Hours a Month

You don’t have too employ a virtual administrative assistant for many hours a month to make a real difference to your life, and you can choose to have your own dedicated assistant for just 10 hours every month. It might be surprising to see how much they can get done in that time. You can employ them to do tasks such as data entry, making phone calls and scheduling. Learn more at